Lean All The Enterprise

     This workshop places emphasis on addressing waste in Indirect Labor activity which is the second largest expense on the Income Statement. There will be an in-depth presentation of the impact of Lean Projects on the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow. All organizations will be addressed including Supply Chain, Planning, Scheduling, Sales, Marketing, R&D, Finance, IT and HR. This will be accomplished by teaching people how to Value Stream Map, develop an A3, and apply various Lean/Six Sigma Tools. People will learn how to eliminate waste and then financially quantify the improvements in productivity.

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Finance for All Functions

     One of the areas frequently overlooked in the preparation of professionals working for manufacturing companies is thier knowledge of business finance. While it is not necessary to master a level of detail encompassing the "accounting rules of debit and credit", it is crucial to develop an understanding of the financial ramifications and decisions made within the entire supply chain, including the manufacturing environment - not only the bottom line, but the top line as well.

Employees today are often required to provide, collect, and evaluate financial data. Those in decision-making positions are expected to participate in planning and maintenance of established budgets and cost control. Promotions and raises are often assigned to individuals based on their participation in achieving departmental goals such as sales quotas, cost containment, and productivity improvements.

A basic understanding of the financial planning/implementation process and your role within that process will help you obtain such goals. It is the aim of this workshop to equip you with a financial knowledge necessary for achieving the level of success that you desire in your career.

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Advanced Problem Solving and Decision Making

     This workshop recognizes the importance of developing problem solving and decision making skills and tools. The emphasis will be on developing and documenting a problem-solving process, then identifying a business critical problem or opportunity to be solved. A project plan will be developed with detailed tasks and time lines with potential quantifiable results. Emphasis will be on mastering the analytics to quantify the potential dollar savings, then tying the result to the financial statement and related financial ratios such as cash to cash. The last part of the workshop will focus on types of decisions. Following is a sampling of the topics to be covered in the workshop: how to avoid decision making traps, evaluating risk versus opportunities, recognizing patterns, how to avoid the crowd mentality, how to avoid group think traps, and dealing with the inability of making decisions, to name a few.

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These workshops can be delivered In-house (customized to fit company specific needs, content, time, etc.).

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