Dave Viale, Founder and CEO
   APICS Master Instructor CSCP
   APICS Master Instructor CPIM

Our business began as "Viale and Associates" in 1979, and was incorporated as CFME, (The Center For Manufacturing Education) in 1981.

Dave Viale is an educator, consultant, and writer. He is the founder and president of CFME, an International Education, Training and Consulting Company.

He brings a diverse work experience to CFME, including a combined more than 20 years work experience at Arthur Andersen, Fairchild SemiConductor, and Hewlett Packard, as well as several Leadership Positions. He was a practicing CPA, and also taught for several universities and colleges. Capitalizing on this varied background, Dave brings a cross-functional perspective to his consulting, classes, speeches, seminars, and key executive presentations, which he delivers across the US, Canada, Europe, and the Far East. During the last ten years, Dave has specialized in Supply Chain Management and Contract Manufacturing.

This global experience, when combined with his educational training, brings a unique blend of theory, practicability, and financial impact to his presentations, consulting engagements and his books. Dave is the author of the BEST-SELLING APICS Books, Basics of Manufacturing, Basics of Inventory Management, and Finance For All Functions.

His most recent addition, The Law of 64/4 (An 80/20 of An 80/20)® & The Law of 64/4® business process is included in the workshops: Finance for All Functions; Leader Development; Lean All The Enterprise; and Manufacturing 101 - A Prequisite to Successful ERP Implementation.

Building on his TQC, JIT experiences, Dave has expanded CFME's product offering with the "Lean All The Enterprise Workshop Series and Facilitation & Reinforcement Package". Most classes, workshops and seminars on The Lean Enterprise/Six Sigma deal primarily with the manufacturing area, and to a lesser extent, the customer and the supplier functions (loops).

This customer customized series is different. While it can still deal with the manufacturing function, it has been designed with an equal emphasis on all the other functions, and can be applied across all entities. CFME is leveraging off these successes by expanding its workshop offerings into the Health Care, Banking and Environmental areas.

Over the past three years, Dave has been engaged by several companies to develop an Inventory Strategy/Inventory Model including the tools and tactics needed to successfully implement it.